July 6, 2009


Atlanta, GA
Recorded at Fidelitorium Recording in Kernersville,
NC | Additional recording at The Rockporium
in Kennesaw, GA , and Good Times, Great
Oldies Studios in Atlanta, GA | Produced by
Outformation and Eli Akins | Additional
production by Dr. Scotty Wibanks | Engineered
by Eli Akins and Morgan Kraft | Mixed by Eli
Akins/Home Team Productions

Outformation’s newest release, Fastburn, is nearly 42 minutes of soft, yet soulful, alt-country/rock ‘n’ roll. The Atlanta-based band’s follow up to their 2007 release, Traveler’s Rest, beautifully showcases not only their musical ability, but also their growth as lyricists and as a band in general. The record is tight and the sound quality vastly surpasses their previous offering.

The South is definitely deep in the soul of the band, as evident in their opening track, “One More Time.” The second track, which also serves as the standout for the entire record, is a laidback number that contains sweet melodic sweeps that accentuate the tired sultry vocals. This track makes you want to drive to a Waffle House on a sunny day with your windows down and the volume turned up. Sure the drive is longer than the song, but that’s why the rewind button was invented. The instrumental track “Eleventeen” is a great jam; the band starts off at a steady tempo and doesn’t build, but turns into crunchy guitar solos that you can rock to. The title track, “Fastburn,” opens as a quiet instrumental, but quickly begins to build and when the song peaks at the halfway point, it explodes in vocals and tempo.

Many of the songs on the record are open for the band to jam on in a live setting. However, although the group is talented and the record is solid, it always seems to sound like something you’ve heard before. There are countless bands with this same style and sound. The band is definitely talented, but because of the style of music they churned out they fall short in comparison to more established acts. At times during the record the band misses the mark to fully capture your attention. Songs like “No Doubt” and “On Your Mind” sound like they were built on a few melodies and never seem to reach your expectations.

Despite the record’s shortcomings, it’s still fun to listen to. Even if they’re rehashing a somewhat formulaic sound, they do it well. Some songs are really fantastic and could be listened to over and over again, but some songs are easily forgettable. Outformation will be out on tour this summer and if you can catch them, do it. Fastburn is a solid second offering and will warrant attention throughout the rock and jam scene. (self-released)

-Albert Opraseuth


  1. your short comings are between your sheets buddy try some new EARs & maybe you can really hear.

  2. Funny. I think On Yer Mind is the only real standout track from that album.

  3. yea, too anyone who just read that article... ignore it. outformation is a unique band with something different going on. the fans are loyal and some of the coolest folks around and the bands music speaks for itself... everyone wants to be a critic. i dare you to get OUT there and see em live!

  4. the dude's a critic. He was being crictic. But he did say to go see them if you can and did say some decent stuff about them. I've seen them before and they're great but I can admit when its obviously something i've heard before. Go see them if you can. The guys are super nice too!

  5. I like how the one review that seems honest on this entire blog, that is slightly negative, is the one that has the most comments. All the other reviews have nothing critical to say and are all happy clappy. By the way... the reviewer was right... its good but not great. They're trying to be Wilco, My Morning Jacket, ect... ect.. the list goes on.