January 14, 2010

Check out the records we got in the office today...

Mindset X - Thread
Brenda Xu - A Little Illusion
Dillon $ Paten Locke - Studies in Hunger
Merry Ellen Kirk - Invisible Wars
Greg Lato - Monday Morning Breakdown
Ken Will Morton - True Grit
Eclectic Dance Orchestra - Instruments of Change
Seven Saturdays - self-titled
Robert Valente - Alive
iLa Mawana - self-titled
LOAM - Nervous Grooming Gestures
Rachel McCartney - New Days Nightly (EP)
Eddie Japan - four by six
Saints of Ruin - Nightmare
Ernest Gonzales - Been Meaning To Tell you
CUBIST - shapes and sounds of time
Double Nines - self-titled
Hearts and Minutes - self-titled
ITtheverb - Happy Mediums
Kid Tested - Pop Era Laundry
Doug Spears - Welcome Home
Gooding - The Return
Adam Green - Minor Love
Our Own Ghosts - The House That Silence Built
John Shipe - Yellow House
Happy Birthday - self-titled
Shredding the Envelope - The Call of The Flames
The Souljazz Orchestra - Rising Sun
Nightmare River Band - Call the Cops!!
Mark Growden - Saint Judas
Anais Mitchell - Hadestown
John Stein - Raising the Roof
Kasey Anderson - Nowhere Nights
All Time Low - MTV Unplugged
Sister Grizzly - All Of This Is True
Adam Ezra Group - View From The Root
Galactic - ya-ka-may

January 11, 2010

Contest to win a brand new tube amp

Blackheart wants to hook up a guitarist with a new 100W tube amp. All you have to do to score this vintage-inspired head and cab is play some shows with it and write about it online. The more photos, videos and posts, the better.

Tell us why you should be the test driver for the BH100H head and BH412SL cab. Send your entry to info@performermag.com (subject: Blackheart).