January 7, 2010

This Saturday: PseudoDiscord at Eyedrum featuring Stokeswood

-- A little bit about the bands at Eyedrum this Saturday --

Stokeswood is "An eclectic mix of percussion, strong vocals, story telling lyrics, powerful electric guitar and driving synths Stokeswood's sound is described as a "Cosmic Waltz."

Before The Solstice:"Melodic progressive rock with the ability to entrance, make you dance, or punch a hole in the wall! They call it Quantum Rock."

Damon Moon and The Whispering Drifters
"His simple acoustic guitar, with layered electrics, subtle keys of all kinds, dreamy bass lines, and drum sounds that roll in and out like the tide on the California coast, all perfectly set the stage for Damon's warm, gentle voice."

Naomi Lavender