February 23, 2010

More records in the office today!

Felix Obelix – The Tick of the Clock, the Beat in the Chest
Baby Baby – Long Live the Swagmonsta
The Dig – Electric Toys
Blasfemea – Galaxia Tropicalia
The Shondes – My Dear One
Equaleyes – While I’m Alive
Hear Kitty Kitty – Tails from the Alley
Eryn Shewell – 4th & Broadway
Stereo Transmitted Disease – Generation Nothing
Beware! The Other Head of Science – Big American Godzilla Party
Valerie Janlois – No Drop of Love (Is Ever Wasted)
A Faulty Chromosome – Craving To Be Coddled so We Feel Fake-safe
This Moment in Black History – Public Square
Mama Lion – Gamble, Gamble, Die
Walter Jr – Standing on the Word
Linfinity – Martian’s Bloom
The Idaho Falls – The Spark
One High Five – Here, Hear!
Ashley Joelle Jordan – Simple Love
Kal Marks – Recovering After The Storm
Dirt Mall – Pacifuego
Mars – Embracing Imperfection