February 19, 2010

Look at All the Records We Got in the Office Today!

Big East: Condita

Tom Wise: In Love, At War

NeuHuman: NeHuman

Chris O’Brien: Little Red

Charlie Christos: Widow’s Gun

Ken Berman: Looking Forward

The Whole New Usuals: Every Whole New Usual Will Die

Nathan Leigh: Glitch EP

The Dirty Dishes: The Dirty Dishes

The Falcon Lords: Straight From the Center of their Volcano Air

Mattie McGrail: The Long Road of Doris Voxy

Quadron: Quadron

After Edmund: Spaceships and Submarines: The Lively Sessions

Jason and the Scorchers: Halcyon Times

Anomopoly: Anomopoly

Veil Veil Vanish: Change in the Neon Lights

Static People: Static People

Transient Songs: Cave Syndrome

Antioquia: My piano ate the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle

Hardly Art: Cracked Love & Other Drugs

Adrien and the Fine Print: Tennessee Swing

Thirty Second Pulse: Oil of the Whale

The One Smith: Just Because