February 19, 2010

Look at All the Records We Got in the Office Today!

Big East: Condita

Tom Wise: In Love, At War

NeuHuman: NeHuman

Chris O’Brien: Little Red

Charlie Christos: Widow’s Gun

Ken Berman: Looking Forward

The Whole New Usuals: Every Whole New Usual Will Die

Nathan Leigh: Glitch EP

The Dirty Dishes: The Dirty Dishes

The Falcon Lords: Straight From the Center of their Volcano Air

Mattie McGrail: The Long Road of Doris Voxy

Quadron: Quadron

After Edmund: Spaceships and Submarines: The Lively Sessions

Jason and the Scorchers: Halcyon Times

Anomopoly: Anomopoly

Veil Veil Vanish: Change in the Neon Lights

Static People: Static People

Transient Songs: Cave Syndrome

Antioquia: My piano ate the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle

Hardly Art: Cracked Love & Other Drugs

Adrien and the Fine Print: Tennessee Swing

Thirty Second Pulse: Oil of the Whale

The One Smith: Just Because


  1. Antioquia put together a hell of a circus for their album release on April 3. They got Santa Cruz psychedelic punks Wubakia, Classical Revolution featuring Michael Bello of Albino, DJ Pleasuremaker of Afrolicious, Drummm hands-on workshop, stilt walkers, chocolate, free CDs, dance performances, psychic readings, an easter egg hunt hosted by the easter bunny herself and enough music to make your head explode!

  2. Cool to know that snail mail still works!
    Wanna review our EP? We'll send you chocolate and strange ties.