July 8, 2009

CD's Received Today

Here is what we got in the office today:

Hornet Leg- Ribbon of Fear
Rose Melberg- Homemade Ship
Why?- Eskimo Snow
All Left Out – We’re Alive
Hoosier Mountain Restoration Gospel
Tristan Da Cunha – Irrevolution
Talbot Tagora – Lessons in the woods or a City
Markmichael – More than Words
ZO2 – Casino Logic
Buckfast Superbee – Turn of the Radio Age
People – The Cliché
The Darlings
Benjamin R – The Other Side of Nowhere
Sugar Knives
Grand Archives – Keep in Mind Frankenstein
Sipo- Year of the White Rose
Estrella Cristina – This is Life
Hippie Cream – On the Moon
Kaleo Futuristico – The Future is Now
PJ Pacifico – Always & Everywhere
John O’Mara – Five Year Mission
The Cranes are Flying – Banging my Head EP
Wild Beasts-Two Dancers
The Empties-Self-titled
Nathaniel Sutton- Starlite
Pill Hill Radio- Self-titled
Shakyfoot- Down on the Rain
Prism/BMOP: Bolcom/Mackey- Concertos for Saxophone Quartet
Sean Walsh and the National Reserve- Homesick

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