July 7, 2009

The Emotron, Math the Band, Twin Thunder, Tasty Beverage | WonderRoot | Atlanta, GA | June 22, 2009

My distinguished colleague, Mr. Albert Opraseuth has a band called Tasty Beverage. He had never mentioned said band to me, so I was ridiculously excited to see them live. Also, since he’d never mentioned said band to me, I was worried they’d suck. But they totally didn’t, which was a relief because now I can confidently say that they played a great opening set. Tasty Beverage was for the most part instrumental and atmospheric but not in an indulgent sort of way. I definitely would have liked to hear them play longer. Next would have been Die Benny, but in a twist of fate that leads me to suspect that we’re all living in a tragically bad episode of Scrubs, the guitar player for Die Benny injured his hand in a car accident. NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo! Yes.

Luckily, Twin Thunder was able to fill in, and people were willing to mill around WonderRoot and drink beer as adjustments were made. Die Benny were even able to put their tragedy behind them and come out to the show.

Anyway, after Tasty Beverage was Twin Thunder, the heroes who saved the day on short notice. They were friendly, funny, played well and everything turned out OK. If you want to know more about Twin Thunder, Albert did a review of their CD, Twin Thunder and the Mad Lionists, in our May issue. 

Kevin and Justine of Math the Band hung out and were super friendly and unassuming before they played, but once they started playing, they never stopped jumping. Never. It was like watching a couple of fitness gurus, except they totally own fitness gurus at their own fitness game by somehow playing bouncy synth-pop while still doing a routine that could be sold as “Thrash Aerobics Volume 3 PARTY PARTY PARTY!“ Oh, and they also cover Andrew W.K. songs. They’re the complete party package. 

After The Emotron played, Die Benny drummer Jeff Claxton said, “I think I’ve seen the Emotron play like 90 times and I think I’ve seen him light his dick on fire like 90 times.”
Indeed, this stunt was the culmination of a masterfully choreographed, all-American striptease, but what The Emotron offered to us that night was much more than just his flaming genitals in a mesh thong leotard. As John Wayne Gacy once said of GG Allin, “The human is just another animal who is able to speak out freely, to express himself clearly. Make no mistake about it, behind what he does is a brain."

The Emotron is really fucking witty. Plus he seems cuter and less psychotic then GG. If GG Allin is modern, The Emotron is postmodern (this may be contrived and a sign that I’ve taken too many lit classes and spent too many late nights watching documentaries on Pitchfork). Basically, I highly recommend The Emotron’s MySpace

-Words by Kristen Fox; photos by Nick Leng; video by Albert Opraseuth

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