July 9, 2009

Haziq Ali
Business is Good

Atlanta, GA /Washington, DC

Haziq Ali is a dual-city MC who claims both Atlanta and Washington, DC as his stomping grounds. He was the recipient of the “Icon of the Underground” award in 2005 from the Atlanta Underground Awards and is on a quest to take ownership of the hip-hop crown. With his recent release, Business is Good, Haziq has crafted a sensational indie hip-hop album full of intelligent rhymes, quick quips, catchy hooks and a hint of pop sensibility.

The record opens with the titular track, “Buisness is Good,” where he boldly claims in the first line, “I had a dream about God and he looked just like me.” This valorous statement sets the tone for the rest of the record. All too often lyricists don’t have the intellect or wit to back up their claims; however, Haziq Ali has the tools by the truckload. The second track, “Godspeed,” is a mission statement of sorts for him. He sends his message out over a beat that evokes an image of the MC giving a speech to his followers about his journey and future.

Throughout the record the lyrics draw you into the songs, but the beats keep you locked onto the message. He’s one of those rare rhyme slingers who can take a song, listen to the beat, and craft his words to augment or take the mood in a contradictory direction. On “Mash Up,” the somewhat depressing and ominous beat is accentuated by a story that’s uplifting and inspiring. Songs like “On Point,” “There He Goes Again…,” “Freedom,” and “Used To Be Like” are the paramount tracks and examples of Haziq at his lyrical heights.

Although most of his material is deep and thoughtful, Haziq still falls into some of the traps and fallacies some relatively unknown rappers get into: spitting about some of the same cliché topics — girls, money, the quest for power and flaunting the spoils of “the game” — inasmuch as one wordsmith can without commercial success. However, the overwhelming majority of the record is a fresh surprise, with some sweet live instrument tracks peppered throughout. A minor note: Some of the production quality on the record is less than stellar; however, at times it serves its purpose of complementing his indie/ underground sound. This release should definitely take Haziq to the next level and overall it is solid as titanium steel. (Organized Rhyme LLC)
-Albert Opraseuth


  1. I have been following Haziq since his days at Florida A&M and have always said that one day his name will be mentioned among the greats. His style and witty lyricism are refreshing! I found this CD on http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/haziq3 and cant wait to listen!

  2. Good shit..where can I go 2 preview that CD?