August 6, 2009

Ian Adams
Stay Up Late

Boston, MA
Recorded by Eldridge Rodriguez at Microcosm Soundworks in Allston, MA, and by Ray Jeffrey at Liberty and Union in Taunton, MA | Produced by Eldridge Rodriguez and Ray Jeffrey | Mastered by Eric Baird

With Ian Adams’ release of Stay Up Late, the best thing to do is open up and put on a pot of coffee because “you only fall in love like this once in your life” (“Stay Up Late”). A cross of Tom Petty and Thom Yorke make the vocal styles of Ian Adams worthy of careful listening. The fact that his MySpace page lists him as a “creepy crooner” shows his intention to work his yearnings into the minds of fans who may miss bands like The Cure or The Smiths.

Songs include running themes of both evening and evil, with titles such as “A Man Possessed,” “In the Dark,” “Upside Down Stars” and “Horns of the Devil.” The movements in metaphor keep a dreamy beat, which moves the mind to wonder about relationships and sunrises to come.

One of the best tracks on the album, “I Got it Bad,” opens, “She floated in / dirty little ghost filling my lungs / black curling smoke … miss Mary Anne / I got it bad / never gonna sleep again.” The twisting guitar riff repetitively reminds of dark thoughts and ending affairs.

“How can you drown what’s under your skin?” creates such a gloomy question that only the realization of its answer darkens the story line. The final track, “Precious Moment,” seems to function as both an explanation and an apology. As Adams asks for forgiveness for his misdeeds, he begs his audience for another moment of introspection. Take the time to reflect and dive into the emotions and characters in Stay Up Late. It’s worth the all-nighter. (Midriff Records)
-Ellen Eldridge

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