August 6, 2009

CD's Received Today

Here's some new music we got in the office today...

Pepper Dome- Let’s Try The Otherwise
Midtown Dickens- Lanterns
Pugwash- Giddy
Dakotafish- Self-titled
Goodbye Gadget- Because, I’m Not Myself You See
James Durst- A Whaling Trilogy, Hue Manatee's Quest
Mike Dekle- Tributes
The Reclamators- Sing it, white boy!
BarNone- Never Turn Back
Sunny Day Real Estate- LP2, Diary
Mikie Lee Prasad- Jukebox Folktales Volume 1
Milktooth- Self-titled
The Terry Eckard Band- Rebel on the Highway
Jay Blagdon- Pax Americana
Into the Presence- Self-titled
Brandon Patton- Underhill Downs
Uke of Spaces Corners- Flowers in the Night
AT- Self-titled
Alec K Redfearn & the Seizures- Exterminating Angel
Jolly- Forty-Six Minutes,Twelve Seconds of Music
The Spooks- Strictly Business Gamblin’ Man
Wet Dreams- Here Come The Wet Dreams
Vice City Rockers- Death From Beyond the Grave
Junior Astronomers- I Had Plans For Us
Ben Willmott- Rich with Love
The Proselyte- …and then they walked
Patrik Tanner- Quills
Mia Kim- Who Is Sukey Rose?
Offset Needle Radius vs. Nickname: Rebel- Self-titled
SNUB- Dreams Renewed
Beantown Project- Moving at the Speed of Life
Clay Ross- Matuto

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