August 3, 2009

Don’t Sigh Daisy
They Call It History

Macclenny, FL
Produced, mixed and mastered by Matt Robnett
and Jake Caramanico of Play Work Productions

Ever since the dawn of the cassette, summers have been flooded with winding road trips to the beach and places beyond the horizon, with the best of friends and a mixtape of your favorite tunes to guide you along the way. It feels as though, with their new EP titled They Call It History, Don’t Sigh Daisy are looking to supply listeners with songs that would fit on anyone’s mix this year.

They Call It History opens strong with “The Atlas,” a song that hums along through beautiful melodies and thoughtful lyrics that compliment any car ride down the interstate in warm weather. This is something Don’t Sigh Daisy are all too good at: bringing about sunny rhythms with rising vocals that just feel good to listen to.

The entire EP is a very light affair, with wonderful acoustic swirls and feel-good melodies, with the exception of slowjam songs like “Sumner vs. Brooks,” that – while sounding a bit downtrodden – do feel more hopeful nearing the end.

Although it is fair to say that the music Don’t Sigh Daisy are creating has been done before by other bands or artists, they are bursting at the seams with potential. Every single track is well timed, wonderfully paced and just feels good to listen to any time of the day. If They Call It History is any evidence of where they are going with their music and the people they want to reach, then there are no limits to the success that they could gain. (self-released)
-Max Specht

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