January 28, 2010

New Records in the Office Today!

Vaus – The Floating Celebration

Derek Frank- Let the Games Begin

Mass Solo Revolt- Bend in Time

The Besnard Lakes- Are the Roaring Night

jj- jj n° 3

The Hammond Group- Bailout!

Jennie Arnau- Chasing Giants

The Organ Beats – Sleep When We Are Dead

Faith and the Muse- :ankoku butoh:

Three Day Threshold- Straight out of the Barrel

Joey Stuckley- So Far

Tokyo Rosenthal- Ghosts

Cagle and Nash- Soul Complete

Libby Johnson- The Perfect View

Trades- The Short Version

La Chansons- The King and Queen of the Dance Floor

Aloha- Home Acres

Joy Kills Sorrow- Darkness Sure Becomes This City

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