January 26, 2010

Check out what records we got in the office today

My Flea Circus – Flee Flaa Floo

DJ Rap – Synthesis

Rafter – Animal Feelings

Dave Daniels – Just Like Ghosts

Judgement Day – Peacocks/Pink Monsters

Okapi – Love Him

Chris Pureka – How I Learned To See In The Dark

Jennifer Leonhardt – Minstrel’s Daughter

Randal Bramblett – The Meantime

Çatarina dos Santos – No balanco do mar

The Villains – self-titled

Brendan Kelley – Music From the Motion Picture

7 Million Jigawatts – Taking Flight

The Strange Boys – Be Brave

Absinthe Rose – Diggin Ditches & Escaping Holes

Zamza – Manga Rock

Chris Laubis – Balance

Peggo – In Love

Melanie Mitrano – All Things Gold

Jes Perry – The Way That I Feel

Jamie McLean Band – Completely

Cinetrope – Once I Ruled The World

Jesse Liam – Father From A Man

Memphis 59 – Ragged But Right

Jonathan Badger – Unsung Stories From Lilly’s Days as a Solar Astronaut

Josiah Wolf – Jet Lag

The American Dollar – Atlas

Mr. Greg’s Musical Madness – Lots of Fun!

Blair – Die Young

Jimmy Landry – New Day

The Greening – (She’s So) Electric EP


  1. Chris Pureka! she's wonderful.

  2. Yay, Chris Pureka. Can't wait to hear it.