December 23, 2009

News: Tree Sound Studios hosts Georgia’s largest green music event

Paul and Sunshine Diaz, owners of Tree Sound Studios in front of the artists' ensemble.

On Nov. 21, the legendary Tree Sound Studios hosted more than 300 guests and musicians as various artists recorded a “Mother Earth” anthem as the theme for the 2010 Pack the Park movement. The goal of Pack the Park is to provide, refurbish or build green-wise parks in various communities.

A proclamation was read from Gov. Sunny Perdue to kickoff the festivities to officially mark the event as a historic and authentic moment in GA music history. The Pack the Park organization gathered the who’s who of the GA music industry for the event. Members and representatives of the Grammys, Art Institute of Atlanta, Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and Georgia Music Hall of Fame all attended this momentous event.

Award winning musicians, producers and composers including Chuck Leavell from the Rolling Stones and the Allman Brothers, Ed Roland of Collective Soul, Drivin N Cryin, Caroline Aiken, Tina and Toya from BBT and Lil Mama all participated in some facet of the experience.

Additionally, the extravaganza was catered by more than 20 local and regionally based organic farms, and the song and studio was powered for the night by solar, wind and biodiesel-based energy systems.
“We are thrilled to be a part of this historic moment,” said Paul Diaz, owner of Tree Sound Studios, “I have been dedicated to bringing the message of unity and preservation to the world, through music, for over 20 years. It’s an amazing thing to see it all come together here at Tree Sound.”

Tree Sound Studios already has a reputation of being the country’s largest green recording and production facility. Policies include rainwater systems, organic gardens, onsite waste composting and recycling, solar hot water, solar power, carbon offsets and biodiesel. In conjunction with Pack the Park, the event didn’t even leave a carbon footprint.

-Albert Opraseuth; photo by Nick Leng

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