December 21, 2009

New records in the office today

Seth Gallant- Nothing, This Makes Sense
Pawz: The Verbal Virus Mixtape Volume One (Compilation)
Hanoman- Hanoman
Michael Sechrist- Still I Believe
K. C. Clifford- Orchid
Characteristic Pitches ft. Robin Eubanks- Multitude
Fear Report- Theory of Threes
Next Stop Soweto: Township Sounds from the Golden Age of Mbaqangwa (Compilation)
Fisheye- A Totally Different Disaster
Yakuza Heart Attack- Yakuza Heart Attack II
Madeline Puckette- Tsar Bomba
Thousands- The Sound of Everything
Chantilly- Caught Light
Bigbang- Edendale
The Packway Handle Band- What Are We Gonna Do Now?


  1. HAs anyone heard the new Richard James "Along The Way" album yet? awesome....

  2. Glad it made it there safely. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!