December 3, 2009

Live Review: The K-Macks // Before The Solstice // Gift Horse

The K-Macks

The Drunken Unicorn // Atlanta, GA // Nov. 27, 2009

An anomaly presented itself at this show, where the first band was good, the second band peaked, and the last band disappointed. The K-Macks were first to play. Each song had its own cleverly engineered, unpredictable feel. I heard reggae, folk, country, blues, rock and some Motown influences. Though they were difficult to pigeonhole, the trio exhibited an impressively constructed and tightly knit compilation of songs. Kevin dominated with the bass and led the vocals, while Max’s distorted guitar riffs and background vocals created a harmonious cluster of dance-worthy music. If you enjoy anything that resembles country-fried punk rock, then you’ll enjoy songs like “Sin Boldly” and “The Cock Song.” The band even impressed with their rendition of two classic songs, “Billy Jean” and “Stand By Me.”

Before the Solstice

The evening’s highlight was Before the Solstice. Clint, singer/guitarist, painted the club with vocals synonymous to a ghost weeping from a haunted mansion. He seemed to be weeping for other lost souls and although he may be a self-proclaimed atheist, I heard sympathy for religion resound in songs such as “No One Escapes the Sun” and “Let it Die.” Every song was tight-fit into a worn and torn shroud of emotion. Upon trying to decipher their influences, the band broke into none other than “Sober” by Tool. This is not an easy song to play, but these guys pulled it off gloriously. If I closed my eyes while listening, I would’ve mistaken them for the real thing.

Gift Horse

The final band, Gift Horse, came equipped with two organs, guitar, bass, drums and vocals that could not be understood, while he slobbered over the microphone. I tried keeping an open mind throughout the band’s set, but it was difficult to distinguish between what could’ve been some decent melodies and the barrage of static that came out of Gift Horse‘s amps. Hell, maybe we could blame the sound guy?

-Judas Moon

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