December 2, 2009

Live Review: Body or Brain

Bottom of the Hill // San Francisco, CA // Nov. 17, 2009

The stage exploded with vibrant color as California locals, Body or Brain, took the stage, sporting trendy and exclamatory clothing and rocking out on neon-colored instruments. But the overall look of the band was only an indication of the enthralling intensity of their music. The band’s performance was vivacious and bursting with energy, maintaining an upbeat, fun atmosphere throughout the entire set.

Lead singer Jakey Lee’s voice was infectious and his attitude was brimming with enthusiasm and charming energy that riled the audience and inspired movement. Their songs were youthful and spirited, with intense drumming and captivating guitar riffs. The music was fast-paced and playful, creating the perfect environment for toe-tapping and jumping along to the beat. Although they were the second band to perform that night, Body or Brain definitely conquered the stage, captivating fans and putting on a high-energy show. The band stood apart from the norm of pop-punk musicians, creating an image that matches the intensity and vivacity of their sound. Each song was as thrilling as the next, keeping spirits high and constantly surpassing the level of excitement and entertainment one would normally be used to.

Overall, the show was thoroughly enjoyable and the musicians definitely maintained a sense of showmanship and theatrics. Body or Brain is a band that excels at creating a fun and playful atmosphere, and their music goes straight to the bones, riling you to move and dance to their bright, colorful sound.

-Stephanie Dotto

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