December 17, 2009

Live Review: Almost Kings

New Earth Music Hall // Athens, GA // Dec. 11, 2009

The Almost Kings Dec. 11 show at the New Earth Music Hall almost literally brought down the house. Their rap/metal fusion was something to behold, live. Although their style could be classified as some quality headbanging music, their authentic hooks and experience ensure that they have more than just that to offer. These musical veterans are on the road touring for nine months out of the year, which has clearly paid off because these they certainly know how to work a stage. Their energy is explosive: singer Boze, bassist/guitarist Danny Helms and guitarist/vocalist Ryan Yunker commanded the crowd‘s undivided attention.

Shirts off to drummer Kevin Compton, as he never seemed to be still for the entirety of the set. That guy can melt your face with the contagious beats he was cranking out, well, shirtless. Boze, typically standing atop some piece of equipment on the stage, can rap with impressive precision for a live show. Especially with songs like "On Like That," the empowering and infectious hooks characteristic of many of their songs can be chanted along by listeners. If Boze was not the most entertaining member of this four-man group, Ryan Yunker on guitar would have to be Almost Kings’ secret weapon. Yunker tore it up with some guitar solos that would make your grandmother blush.

Almost Kings is a perfect show for one who is looking to let some of that pent-up aggression and inner-anguished teen out.

-Amy Ishii

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  1. They were amazing that night! NEED to get them in Athens more!