December 16, 2009

Check out the CDs we got in the office today...

Basement 247 - A Basement 247 Christmas Complication
Red Jacket Mine - Lovers Lookout
Wooster - The Heights of Things
Gills and Wings - Gills and Wings EP
Yellow Fever - Yellow Fever
Beautiful Supermachines - Shut Up
Seasick Steve - Man From Another Time
Quimera Music - Love Madness
Sachem's Head - Sachem's Head
Francesca Lee - The Pieces Left
Frigid Touch - Hello World
The Floating Men - The Sighing Hours Act II: Swimming with Gods
Coolzey - The Honey


  1. Rad! Hope you enjoy Lovers Lookout!

  2. Rock on, can't wait to hear your thoughts on Love And Madness.