November 16, 2009

News: Kill Hannah's van stolen

Emo-goth band Kill Hannah recently had their van and trailer with all of their equipment (totaling $120,000), merch and personal belongings stolen in Philadelphia. Their van was parked at the Holiday Inn, 900 Packer Ave., when the robbery happened.

The band had to cancel the rest of their tour dates. Police recovered the van with an empty trailer a day later. Tragically, the band's equipment was destroyed in a bus fire in Europe last year.

This happened only a week after another band, Mae, had their van stolen from the same location. Sean Agnew of R5 Productions says that at least 10 bands have had their equipment stolen from this location.

Keep your eye out for some of the stolen gear:

Epiphone Elitist Riviera Custom Shop SN#T301722
1992 Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Bass
Pair of matching vintage 1968 Fender Bassman Heads Custom Shop
Gibson ES-135 White
2003 Gibson Firebird
Marshall Triple Lead Stack

Fans have already starting helping the band out by setting up a donation website:

If you have any information about the missing equipment, e-mail

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  1. That should pretty much be a signal not to stay at the particular Holiday Inn.