November 9, 2009

New records in the office today

The Silent League- But You’ve Always Been the Caretaker
Real Estate- Real Estate
Jen Ghetto- Sadstyle (reissue)
La Palabra- Musicholic
Surfer Blood- Astro Coast
The Sea Navy- Memory Matches
Austin Crane- Place at the Table
The Yule Logs- The Yule Logs
Bone Cave Ballet- The Echo of Entropy
Brian Larsen- Breaking
Lunar Sway- Where the Birds Don’t Fly
Justin Levinson- Predetermined Fate
Bacchus King- Bacchus King
Shawn Harris- Echoes of Autumn
Retribution Gospel Choir- 2
Unsparing Sea- In the Diamond Caverns
Morwenna Lasko & Jay Pun- Chioggia Beat
Jerry Velona- Random Emotion
Paul Masson- Paul Masson
Wave Array- Cheapjack Moon
Timi Conley- Nerd Sexy
Shovelman- The Dirty West
Black Taxi- Things of that Nature
Tiny Fires- Tiny Fires
Winterbloom- Traditions Rearranged
Beach House- Teen Dream
Joey Barnes- Always
Patrick Rock- When All Else Fails…
Cadillac Jones- Rhythm Method
Carnivores- All Night Dead USA
Scott Krokoff- A Better Life
Amy Speace- The Killer in Me
Kirsten DeHaan- Thorns on a Crown
Kobo Town- Independence
Useless Beauty- Sugar Crush
The Mercury Program- Chez Viking
Gold Standard- Gold Standard
The Plague Years- We Are at the End of All That Is
Mascara- Fountain of Tears
Johnny Stranger- Galacticus 9
Fredrik- Trilogi
Soulsavers- Broken
Farm- The Cave
The Gilded Palace of Sin- You Break Our Hearts, We’ll Tear Yours Out
Merrick Section- Merrick Section
Hurricane Bells- Tonight is the Ghost
The Novels- Paper Cliché
Lightning Bolt- Earthly Delights
Capibara- Wildcat
PPR- Breakfast
PPR- Crab
Finfangfoom- Monomyth
High Priestess- Faerie Archives Volume 1


  1. glad the sea navy record finally got there!

  2. What did you think of the Yule Logs?