November 12, 2009

Live Review: Reptar

The Secret Squirrel // Athens, GA // Sept. 29, 2009

The Secret Squirrel, an Athens resident’s home-turned-concert-venue, sprung to life Sept. 29 as Reptar was about to hit the stage. Staying true to their faithful followers' expectations, the band once again delivered a top-notch performance. Reptar cranked out their captivating electronic-pop, with lively synth lines and contagious beats that kept the crowd dancing the entire set.

Members Graham Ulicny (guitar, vocals), William Kennedy (keyboards), Ryan Engelberger (bass) and Andrew McFarland (drums) thought the crowd was so wonderfully raucous they decided to hold a dance competition, to which the winner received a golden spatula. The ease with which Reptar was able to form a formidable connection with their crowd only added to the enthusiasm of the already electrical ambiance, as if those in attendance needed anything other than singer Graham Ulicny’s talents for entertainment.

A fairly accurate description of the Secret Squirrel venue would be "garage-sized." Yet, this contributed nicely to the feel that everyone knew everyone else, and Reptar were just coming around to see their old, close friends, to hang out, and rock out. The environment was laid back – no bouncers, no one to take tickets or monitor who came and went – not to mention the stage was barely raised, further solidifying the fact that Reptar were just one with the crowd. Even if you were to step outside for a quick breather, you’d still be able to get a clear glimpse of the band through the doors. If the goal for concert attendees was to come out on a school night, hear some Reptar at their best, meet some new folks, and dance like mad for the golden spatula, then anyone who was there would rave that the night was a wild success.

-Review by Amy Ishii; photos by Parker Feirbach

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