November 6, 2009

Live Review: Pine and Battery, Oona, The Hi Nobles

Bottom of the Hill // San Francisco, CA // Oct. 30, 2009

Pine and Battery released their newest CD with some Halloween spirit on Oct. 30. Due to the Bay Bridge sucking, it was shut down for the weekend, I was skeptical about the night’s turnout. I arrived at Bottom of the Hill where a full crowd was gathered, dressed in full Halloween costumes, and ready to party. The Hi Nobles warmed up the crowd with their garage soul, classic punk rock. It’s been a while since I’ve seen REAL punk being laid down, without emo or screamo BS. I worked Warped Tour for five years and the Hi Nobles were definitely raw refreshment punching you in the eye.
Pine and Battery

Next up was the sultry Oona. It nice to see a beautiful woman on stage that has a voice that sounds just as sweet. Oona is a musical elixir with belting vocals somewhere between Tori Amos and Janis Joplin, with abstract sparky dance moves like Mars Volta and a pinch of emcee. I can’t tell you what genre I place her music in, and I like that.

Fans waiting for Pine and Battery’s CD release set got a treat. In costume as Skid Row, Jeff Campbell – lead vocals and guitar – hammered out tunes in a strong voice, and just as quickly, smoothly turned it down to serenade the fans. The musicianship on stage was masterful and fun to watch. Andy Weller rocked classic guitar riffs and shredded solos. Rick Munoz, drums, was very entertaining. I rarely boast about a drummer, but Rick is a damn sharp hitter. No fucking metronome click needed here. AJ Leighton’s bass lines were the thick glue that held it all together. Everyone on stage had great skill, it wasn’t one or two carrying the slackers, it was all-four-as-one creating a cohesive solid sound.
New Montgomery

New Montgomery closed the night down tighter than the Bay Bridge, which forced me to leave early to make it back home in the East Bay! I got the first few songs, but wanted more. New Montgomery has an interesting sound that lingers with you for the rest of the night. Sorry to leave, New Montgomery, I heard you only got better.

-Review and photos by Rosalyn Lee

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