November 4, 2009

Live Review: The Idyllists

Hotel Cafe // Hollywood, CA // Oct. 2, 2009

Hollywood was filled to the brim with concert attendees and bar-hoppers on the night of Oct. 2. Everyone seemed fueled by the love of music, vodka tonics and often times, both. Hotel Café, a small venue surrounded by chic taverns and record stores, was occupied by a fun-loving crowd, all grasping their drinks and waiting for that night’s act to fulfill their musical cravings.

The Idyllists, a band consisting of four musicians from Los Angeles, enthusiastically performed their set with sheer ardor and California love; their ticket sales going directly to the L.A. County Firefighter Memorial Fund. Wearing skinny black suits and '50s spectacles, the Idyllists opened up with “Honey Please,” a song more delectable than any drink offered at Hotel Café. The crowd, steadily growing as the night went on, sang along with the crowd-hitters, “Sweet Loretta,” an Irish-inspired lament, and “You’re Gonna Break My Heart Someday,” a sweet and short ballad that focused on the jarred equilibrium relationships seem to bring; the crowd sang along to the bittersweet lyrics and danced to the toe-tapping tunes.

Dancing with fellow crowdmates, I felt as though I was transported back to a time where all anyone focused on was the jubilation that pop music brings. The Idyllists performed in a manner that was derived much from the Beatles and Buddy Holly but within their own innovative millennium sound, a sound so addicting and optimistic, that no one could dare to sit down.

-Gina Vaynshteyn

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