October 29, 2009

Record Review: Trevor Hall // Trevor Hall

Laguna Beach, CA
Produced and arranged by Marshall Altman // Mixed by Eric Robinson // Recorded at the Galt Line in Hollywood

Newcomer Trevor Hall has burst into the music scene with his self-titled album, mixing the right amounts of reggae, folk, pop-rock and soul, creating a one-of-a-kind sound and intriguing listeners of any genre. The 22-year-old South Carolina native now resides in a Hindu retreat in Laguna Beach, an obvious influence for his music.

On tracks such as “Unity” and “The Lime Tree,” Hall sings about love and community; about forgetting the band and embracing one another. At times, though, it seems as if Hall stretches his message over all 13 tracks and the music starts to sound similar.

Hall’s husky voice is truly important to his songs. He’s channeling his inner Bob Marley and mixing that with his inner Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon). He also collaborates with many artists on this album, including Colbie Caillat and Matishyahu. His music leans heavily on pop and this album shows plenty of passion. (Vanguard Records)

Sasha Patpatia

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