October 27, 2009

New CDs in the office today...

Modern Skirts – all of us in our night
Nanyana Summer – My Rock Your World
John and Rachel Nicholas – Here You Are
Talk Modern – People Noises
The New Collisions – Invisible Embrace
Lowell & Behold – Volume 2
Robbie Rivera – Closer to the Sun
Yeh Dede – Freedom
Baliset – A Time For Rust
Ana Egge – Road to My Love
Pants Yell! – Received Pronunciation
Animal Collective – Campfire Songs
Rotten Belly Blues – Self-titled
Tom McBride & the Whig Part – Like a Lion
Exsanguinette - …And the Creek Don’t Rise
Josh Grider – Sweet Road to Ride
The Beets - Spit in the Face of People Who Don’t Want to be Cool
The Oh Sees – Dog Poison
The Seedy Seeds – Count the Days
Bel Air – Pole to Pole

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