October 13, 2009

Live Review: Jason Walls, The Delayed Green, The Escape Pod

Central Station Rock Bar // Orlando, FL // Oct. 2, 2009

Central Station Rock Bar is a small place, with a little stage tucked into a back corner. This show had a capacity crowd spilling out onto the front sidewalk where luckily everyone could still hear the music.

The Escape Pod

Jason Walls started the evening off with a solo acoustic set. The Orlando-based singer/songwriter doesn’t play very many shows so it was a treat for his fans to see him performing live. The former front man for Fifth Year Crush played several songs from the band’s record, Wearing This Life, including “Swallowing Stones” and “Blinded,” as well as some unrecorded material and a Switchfoot song, “24.”

The Delayed Green

The Orlando band The Delayed Green was up next, or rather half of them, with Stephy B on keyboard and Jae Ralph on vocals and acoustic guitar. The keyboards add a nice, ethereal vibe to their rock music. Their energetic set included “I’m Alive,” “Space Between You” and “Saturation.” They also played the band’s single, “Lead You Home,” and passed out free copies of it on CD for the audience. The closed their set with a cover of the Barenaked Ladies song, “Brian Wilson.”

Jason Walls

The last band of the evening, The Escape Pod, played a high energy set of modern prog rock with a funky vibe, including their song “Fire Away.” The small stage could barely contain the Orlando-based four-piece band during their big, funky jams – even vocalist Josh would hop off the stage and leave them to it.

-Review and photos by Kat Coffin

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