October 13, 2009

Live Review: Damon & Naomi

Amoeba Records // San Francisco, CA // Oct. 9, 2009

There was a diverse range of young and old cozying up between the rows of used CDs and records as Damon & Naomi took the stage at Amoeba Records, all eager to hear the soft and alluring melodies of a seasoned pair of performers. The band was there promoting their new release, The Sub Pop Years, a collection of some of the most popular tracks off their last four albums released on the label, and even found it slightly humorous that the stage was set alongside the “oldies” section of the music store.

Damon & Naomi

Their set consisted of a few of their older hits as well as a handful of covers, ranging from Tim Buckley to Barbra Streisand. Although the cover songs were thoroughly entertaining, they held no weight in comparison to the original pieces performed by the two musicians. Naomi’s voice was captivatingly haunting, maintaining a sense of radiance through its unsteady, yet bewitching sound. Her style of singing was similar to that of Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries in that it was elegant, yet powerful. Damon’s guitar playing commanded the room, alternating between a sweet, almost lullaby-like sound, to upbeat rhythms that lifted spirits and ensured a positive atmosphere all listeners. The keys had a breezy, slightly hollow sound that helped tie together the overall tranquil experience.

The performance illustrated why Damon & Naomi have been around and thriving for so many years. Their mature, yet captivating style is appealing to both their older fans and younger generations who appreciate the raw beauty that music can convey.

-Review and photo by Stephanie Dotto

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