October 2, 2009

Festival Review: Wormtown Music Festival

Camp KeeWanee // Greenfield, MA // Sept. 18-20, 2009

Wormtown Trading Company has grown tremendously over the past 13 years, and as a result their festivals have become a reunion of sorts that have expanded to accommodate thousands upon thousands of families, friends and musicians.

Each year the music gets better, the guests grow in numbers, and the efforts of Wormtown founders begin to pay off. Based in Worcester, Mass., Wormtown Trading Co. can be found across the United States. Whether it’s a booth at your local college campus or a stage at Bonaroo, Wormtown is there.

They have managed to make local, small festivals the highlight of the summer. After attending one of their annual events, I can guarantee you won’t see the festival circuit in the same light. There is something very homey and special about a Wormtown festival.

This year’s Wormtown Music Fest offered a lot, from staging amazing acts like Ryan Montbleau, Zach Deputy The Alchemystics, Rubblebucket Orchestra and The Roots of Creation, to encouraging community activism by holding a canned food drive with the organization Strangers Helping Strangers. They have a kid’s cabin and other fun activities that openly welcome families with children.

Their camping area is set back in the shade of the woods and through the trails you can find a huge bonfire, multiple cabins that play live music until the sun rises, and a pleasant, rocky creek. This festival is perhaps the most inviting and loving you could attend. It is a fantastic way to end the summer and a great chance to support a scene intrinsically grass roots and locally grown.

-Words by Amanda Macchia; video by Amanda Macchia and Seth Bailin; editing by Seth Bailing (Nice Bass Productions); music by APel – “Life Force”

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