August 20, 2009

Run Dan Run
27 Coming St.

Charleston, SC
Mixed and mastered by Ash Hopkins

Sometimes there is music where it is just necessary to sit back, sigh and relax to the songs in the stereo. Right from the beginning track of Run Dan Run’s latest release, it’s evident this album isn’t meant for those looking to pump their fists in the air and headbang along. The opening track, “Wasted Love,” is an ambient affair of soft guitars with mesmerizing drums and a wailing violin-piano combination that inhabits the back of the mind and makes its way through until you can’t help but bob your head along to the soft croons.

Although each and every track seems to follow the same formula of soft instrumentation with melancholy lyrics, on 27 Coming St. it makes for a cohesive effort that blends together and focuses fully on the power of the lyrics (“Happiness To Be”).

Near the end of the closing track, “Points Of Departure,” Run Dan Run is able to pick up the speed a little bit and wail their way through, leaving the listener with a questionable impression of what they just heard. This ending is probably the most appropriate in order to sum up what 27 Coming St. is – an album that may feel like the same thing over and over, but is something more beautiful and unexpected after further listening, making it more enjoyable then what might have been preconceived. (self-released)
-Max Specht

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