August 17, 2009

Nerd Parade
The Span of a Life

Atlanta, GA
Produced, recorded and mixed by Nerd Parade | Engineered by R. Garcia and
John Jacobus at NerdCave in Atlanta | Mastered by Jeremy Dickens at
Offnominal Audio in Nashville

Nerd Parade’s most recent album, The Span of a Life is a fair representation of the band’s talent. If there is any band that can defy genre, it’s them. They’ve managed to combine elements from all over the musical map to create a sound they can call their own.

This alternative indie pop-rock band is on a journey to bring rock’n’roll back. While definitions themselves can seem constraining, so can an overhaul of style.

It can become overwhelming when there is too much going on in a song and it can work against the band, shining the light away from the album’s most reputable tracks. The third song on the album, “Yay, Yeah, Uh-huh!” is a perfect example. While it has parts and pieces that are soulful, it mostly finds itself sounding contrived.

On the contrary, the two opening tracks of the album “Sixty-Eight Reasons” and “The Span of a Life” are spectacular.

They combine the bands strongest suits: dual vocal harmonies, a sweet mixture of acoustic and heavy electric guitars and epic theatrics.

In its entirety, the album begins strong, finds itself again in the middle and ends beautifully. It’s a striking record, with an inclusion of elements that is smart, sweet and playful. The simpler parts outshine the rest, making The Span of a Life incredibly interesting. Technically simple, the music has an element for everyone. It is an album to be listened to start-to-finish and not any other way (Pulse Recordings).
-Amanda Macchia

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