July 28, 2009

The Working Title
Bone Island

Charlestown, SC
Produced, engineered and mastered by Joel Hamilton and Jake Sinclair

Sometimes the best kind of indie music is the most obscure possible, and that seems to be just the case with The Working Title’s newest album Bone Island. A combination of the oddest sounds, rhythms and vocal presence makes for an eclectic listen that’s worth every second just to hear what’s going to happen next.

From the very first note of “Physical Love,” it feels as though Bone Island might be a tribute to Trent Reznor with its angry synth sound, until the chorus hits and it feels as though a marching band is parading through your speakers. A large chorus and celebratory instrumentation propel this song from a good introduction to a great one.

While some of the songs come across as abstract in concept, such as the use of a child’s music box under growling vocals in “Wolf,” The Working Title is just as able to emit soft sentiments of love overtop acoustic guitar such as in “Love Make Me Free.” For every single song that is out there and odd (“Hijackers”), there is a song that is simple and beautiful to compliment it (“Arms and Thighs”).

Although you could put this album into a list of many underappreciated indie albums, it’s safe to say this one is probably one of the better executed. Every song is timed well, strong instrumentally and solid lyrically, conjuring images of love, darkness and God throughout. The best thing about this album is that it isn’t afraid to take chances – everything is tried and nothing fails. (self-released)
-Max Specht


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