July 31, 2009

Hands and Knees
Et Tu, Fluffy?

Boston, MA
Recorded at Ghost Town Recording | Produced and Engineered by Jed Smith | Mastered by Jed Smith at Wood Bee Music Studio

Straight out of Boston comes Hands and Knees, whose fun, indie swagger makes heads turn. The quartet’s second studio album, Et Tu, Fluffy, brings surprise after surprise with tracks that stimulate all the senses.

Throughout the 11-song album, Hands and Knees take you from a jam in your friend’s basement to a lighter-heavy encore at your favorite local music venue. The opening track, “Midnight in the Applefield” has the nostalgic quality of being the audience to your buddies’ jam session in college, and with all the clapping and tambourine you can’t help but want to go back. The radio ready “Hot Little Item,” with its infectious chorus, speaks of a wind-up toy and makes you wonder if it’s a girl, or merely a prize in the Cracker Jack box. Et Tu, Fluffy works its way through fast, catchy tunes toward mid-album, where it becomes more relaxed with “A Great Pain,” only to rev it back up with the exciting and energetic “You Got Pop, You Got Style,” where the band emphasizes, “Well, it’s a long walk to the bottom.” It’s hard to pinpoint one single influence for Hands and Knees, although on tracks like “Do You Really Need a Drummer?” and “What Happened to that Beautiful City?” the vocals echo with a hint of The Cure’s Robert Smith, which is the perfect charm needed to keep you entranced.

Hands and Knees bring an individual flavor to the indie rock scene with Et Tu, Fluffy. With heavy drums, a dash of spastic guitars, and what can only be described as the perfect amount of xylophone, Hands and Knees create the perfect recipe for an auditory masterpiece. (Midriff Records)
-Lisa Perron


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