July 1, 2009

The Lava Children
The Lava Children

Tulsa, OK
Mixed by Dustin Bowlin, Adam Siegel and Taylor Clark | Mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room

When you are in a band called The Lava Children, you better have a sound that justifies that moniker – one that is fiery, unpredictable and damages anything that gets in its path. Magically, the couple who cloak themselves in the aforementioned name – Oklahoma natives Sherri West and Taylor Clark – have the musical quirkiness to pull it off.

On their self-titled debut LP, The Lava Children mash-up an array of eclectic sounds and melodically disoriented vocals for a record that is as atmospheric as it is sultry. While songs like “Troll” provide an immaculate backdrop for mellow days spent slumming around completely at ease (and possibly wasted) with its slow-paced rhythm and spiraling chords, songs like “Firefly” provide unabashed intensity with cascading vocals that personify the trippy feeling one would get when falling down the proverbial rabbit hole.

The duo roll the dice as they let their imagination infect every inch of the album, and the result is pure capriciousness that serves as a testament to the band’s ode to individuality. In fact, on their label’s site (graveface.com), the unfortunate manufactured nature of the industry takes front and center as music is openly described as being “treated like so much invaluable garbage to be traded and tossed about freely.” Solace from such synthetic times can be found in the spacey nature of this EP, which is saturated with lush, dreamy landscapes, allowing their sound to permeate the listener in a surreal manner. It might take several run-throughs for the genius of The Lava Children to shine through, but acquired tastes are considered the pinnacle of sophistication. (Graveface Records)
-Candace McDuffie


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