June 29, 2009


Toronto, ON/Montreal, QC
Produced by Grahm Zilla

It is what it is and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else: straight booty-bounce party music. But can you take it seriously off the dance floor?

Combining the nonchalant intimidating flow of vocalist Isis and the slinking sleaze of Grahm Zilla’s production, Thunderheist never turns into the joke it could be bumping in the stereo of a head-thrusting Eurotrash’s Jetta. While it never quite dives into the crushing intensity of Justice, it could easily keep pace with Daft Punk’s determination – despite its relative electro simplicity.

Though the beat is the necessity here, it’s Isis that carries the Toronto duo. Her nonstop Spank Rock-like cadence has a growling “I just don’t give a fuck” menace to it that leaves you a bit nervous to turn down the volume. Her blend of clichĂ© club phrases and sexy grime makes for perfect late-night nursery rhymes. When she slides into straight club singing, epitomized on “Nothing 2 Step 2,” her bluesy cry bubbles your hands to the sky. She should belt it out more.

Despite being a territory more familiar with fear, it’s the hip-hop style tracks that show weakness. “Little Booty Girl” rips off Dead Prez’s “It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop” a little too much. But the tempo changes are a welcome respite for listeners not being pummeled by strobe lights at 3 a.m.

Thunderheist keeps you smiling in your role as the sub to Isis’ dom. She orders one overeager partier to “wipe your nose” on “Freddie” while she demands another to reveal “where the after-party at” on “The Party After.” The solemn Darren Aronofsky knew the duo’s power in choosing their “Jerk It” for a scene in his Oscar-nominated The Wrestler, and who’s going to step in the ring against that? (Big Dada)
-Nate Leskovic

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