June 19, 2009

New Music in the Office

Here's what we got in the mail today:

Therefore I Am - The Sound of Human Lives”
Supervolcano – Supervolcano
The Upper Crust - Revenge For Imagined Slights
Wicked Celtics - I Don’t Wanna Hear Your Band
Dego-The Album
Brontosaur - The Dusk Is Red and Everything Else
Ladymoon-Erotic Pleasures and Tears
Christopher M. Listorti - Words that Suture Wounded Hearts
Michael Steven - Chemical Imbalances
Ernie Southern & the Deltaholics - Every Day Is a Fight!
Anthem In - The Cloudbusting EP

Kaz-Well - Fish Outta Water
Castanets - Texas Rose, The Thaw & the Beast
Alan Wilkis - Pink and Purple

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