June 22, 2009

Mark Lennon
Down the Mountain

Los Angeles, CA
Produced by Mark Lennon | Recorded at Universal Music Publishing Group Studio in Los Angeles, CA | Engineered by Mike Fennel and Mark Lennon | Mastered by Eddie Tomecko at Audioworks

Mark Lennon brings Carolina to SoCal with his third album,
Down the Mountain. Incorporating different genres, Lennon continues to create his own blend of folk, country and rock ‘n’ roll while staying true to his Southern groundings. 

A calming strum of the acoustic guitar draws you in on the first track, “Down the Mountain.” Lennon’s raspy, yet cool voice invites you back to a more simple time while allowing for short guitar rips and merging background vocals. Gentle strikes of the piano begin the second track, “My Hometown,” as lyrics take the listener on a nostalgic journey down a countryside memory lane. A 40-second instrumental solo of piano and guitar peacefully allows you to drift into classic folk and country melodies before winsome lyrics paint more of a reminiscent picture. 

Integrating vocals by Simone Stevens offer a sweet accent alongside the sax-like tone of the third track, “Wildside.” A slight country twang enters in the next track, “What I Could Be With You,” while a bit of rock edge emerges with guitar solos in “I’m Doin’ Fine.” 

Picks of the acoustic create hints of a southern folk background in the song “Tennessee,” including softhearted lyrics such as, “We are just along for the ride/trying to find out what’s on the other side.” 

The album finishes with the powerfully vocaldriven “Broken.” This track is a perfect mixture of heartfelt lyrics, easing yet engaging melodies and, similar to each Mark Lennon song, it tells a story and takes the listener on their own musical journey of keeping roots while chasing dreams. (Vegabonds Tune Records)


  1. This album is fantastic, I highly recommend checking this out!

  2. It IS awesome. My favorite song is Wildside for sure. But they are all fantastic!