November 23, 2009

Live Review: Picture Atlantic // Bottom of the Hill // San Francisco, CA // Nov. 6, 2009

The Bottom of the Hill pulsed with a vibrant energy as Picture Atlantic took the stage, enveloping the crowd in an aura of fantastic merriment. Frontman Nikolaus Bartunek (vocals/keys/guitar) radiated a sort of vivacious attitude with his spastically entertaining dance moves and his contagious smile (not to mention, he had a hell-of-a-voice). All the members in the band were lively and energetic, having as much fun playing their music as the audience had listening to it. Their stage presence was electrifying and spirited, adding to the overall aesthetic of the performance.

The band produced catchy, danceable tunes that drove the crowd wild and clung to your memory. Their slower, more intimate songs drove straight to the heart, pulling you into a state of emotional bliss and putting your mind at ease. Although the band may appear to be producing traditional alternative rock, that is not the case. Their pop-ish, upbeat songs are reminiscent of a British pop-rock sound, but the they manage to take that style and make it completely their own. The set consisted of an even balance of jaunty and contemplative songs, quickening your heartbeat and then soothing you with a soft, delicate ballad.

The crowd continued to respond positively to the band’s zealous performance, feeding into the energy emitted by the musicians and creating an atmosphere of overall delight. Although they were the opening act at a CD release party, Picture Atlantic owned the stage while they were on it, putting on a memorable show and raising the spirits of all who were in attendance. It’s perfect lazy day beach music for anyone who loves a captivating sound and that good lasting feeling you get when you know you’ve just experience something that truly made you smile.

-Stephanie Dotto

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