October 7, 2009

Audio Engineering Society Brings College Audio Students Together in Boston

Performer's Garrett Frierson chats with contest entrants in an Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones giveaway.

The 2009 Boston Area Definitive Audio Student Summit // New England Institute of Art // Sept. 26, 2009

For the third year in a row, hundreds of college audio students, faculty, administrators and members of the local audio community gathered for the Boston Area Definitive Audio Student Summit. This full day of workshops, tutorials, studio and software demos, panel discussions and presentations was held on the campus of the New England Institute of Art.

Presenters included Radiohead producer Sean Slade and engineer Matthew Ellard on getting great guitar sounds; Audio guru Dave Moulton on the importance of critical listening levels; Multi-Grammy winner and AES President Jim Anderson on the art of jazz and acoustic recording; FBI Special Technical Agent Chip McGinn on audio surveillance, forensics and how an audio student might get a job with the FBI.

Multi-Grammy winner and AES President Jim Anderson, Radiohead producer Sean Slade and AES Education Committee Vice Chair John Krivit

According to the event’s founder, AES Education Committee Vice Chairman John Krivit, “It’s always a lot of work to make this event happen but there is so much value in bringing all of the local audio students together from all of the programs throughout the Northeast. The students and faculty from all of these local colleges get to know each other and make really strong connections. The industry professionals who participate are happy to be able to reach the students in one big event and I think that they’re beginning to realize that the schools are still a very vibrant market. We’re still building studios and buying gear so they’re very happy to come and spend a Saturday talking to students.”

Studio builder David Malekpour let students take a peek at some of the world class rooms that he has built for Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keyes, Timbaland and Jay Z. Boston Music Awards Nominee Nelly Pro Tools gave a workshop on hip hop production in the studio. Sennheiser’s David Missall gave a workshop on wireless microphones and educator Barry Marshall gave a lecture on the legacy of Les Paul.


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