September 3, 2009

Win a set for your band at LA's FYF Fest, free tickets also available

This is completely last minute, but your band can win a set at this weekend's FYF Fest if you bring the most cans to a can drive today. The LA Food Bank drive ends tonight at 11:59 p.m.

Bring your cans (vegetables only/no meat) to the office at 3020 Sunset Blvd.

Five runner-ups will receive four VIP tickets. Email if you have questions.

Also, if you live in Barstow, Reno, Visalia, El Paso, El Centro, Flagstaff or Victorville, you can get free tickets. Email with the name of your city in the subject. Attach a scan of a photo ID and a bill or paycheck. A school ID will also work. The deadline is noon on Friday, Sept. 5.

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