September 15, 2009

New records in the office today...

The Invisible Rays – Salute the American Popular Song
Dangerbird – dangerbird
The Old Man and his Po’ Buckra - Taxes
Mark Stepakoff – Some Assembly Required
Nathan Sexton – Grave
Ingenue – The Lolita EP
Arrington De Dionyso – Malaikat dan Singa
Nathan Oliver – cloud animals
The Paddle Boat – B-Side of a Life/Everything
Jimbo Ross – Steady Rollin’ Man
Lemming Malloy – The Return of the Norfolk Regiment
Blue Mother Tupelo – Heaven & Earth
Dave Desmelik - Onlooker
Volcano Choir – Unmap
Krista Ravengael – Thanks, but No
Stephen MacDonald & The Okay Win – We Are Bound
Lymbyc Systym – Shutter Release
Rain Machine – Rain Machine
Blisses B – You Should
Tempo No Tempo – Waking Heat
Capgun coup - Maudlin
Cyrus Fell Down - Radar
Whogas - Whogas
Face on Straight – Midnight to Morning
Twin Atlantic - Vivarium
Clay Ross – Matuto
Jessie Torrisi – Bruler Bruler
Valerie Nicole – From the Heart
Os Mutantes – Haih or Amortecedor
Speakermute – The Weight
The Electric Poet – Volume 1
Doomstar – Colors
Just Monroe – Everything for a Reason
A Bad Think – Simple Rhymes
Hyim – Sex in the Morning
Nine Even – Seamsan Over
Christians and Lions – EP
Lunic – Love Thief

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