September 9, 2009

New records in the office today

Daniel Johnston- Is and Always Was

The McLovins- Conondrum

Lindsay Rakers Band- Wishing Well

The Doctors Fox- Plural Non-Possessive

Necronomikids- Necronomikids

Jack O’ The Clock- Rare Weather

Hi8us- The Superficial Deep

Spaulding- From Then to Now

The Family Curse- White Medicine

Jeremy Thornton- When Ugly People Made Good Music

Seventh Room- Meanwhile

Stephen Rockford Hammond- Flux Punch

The David Wax Museum- Carpenter Bird

The Beatings- Late Season Kids

Light FM- Let There Be Light FM

Manhattan Murder Mystery- Skull

The Cavemen Go- New Lives

Untied States- Instant Everything, Constant Nothing

Citified- Absence

Larcenist- Larcenist

The Acro-Brats- Hey Medusa

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