August 13, 2009

Math the Band
Don’t Worry

Providence, RI
Recorded by Jeremy Stark at The Bridge
Sound State in Brighton, MA

Math the Band is the happiest, most enter- taining, energetic and positive band I’ve come across this year. It oozes out the nerdiness and synth-pop good times that some people crave. I’m one of those people. The first time I heard this band was at the June 22, 2009, Performer Presents show at the WonderRoot Community Center in Atlanta and the two members of the band, guitarist Kevin Stinehauser and keyboardist Justine Mainville, put on an incredibly spastic and theatrical performance – the likes of which I haven’t seen in a very long time.

The entire record, from start to finish, is full of energy and every track explodes sonically with the intensity of an atomic bomb. The 8-bit sequenced keyboard riffs, mixed cocktail of programmed and live drums, gang vocals in just the right places and thrashing punk guitars makes Don’t Worry a solid electro-punk treasure. Although the Nintendo-synthesizer sounds might throw some people off, those of us who spent hours playing video games growing up and memorizing the music will instantly fall in love with this record. The fact that every song ends with a gong is hilarious, yet fitting because of the fervor and vehemence the band exudes – basically it’s nice to know when to stop dancing. From the opening track “Hang Out/Hang Ten,” the band sets the tone of the record by shouting what everyone who listens to the record should do: “Everybody have fun tonight!”

The Mega Man-esque keyboard solo at the end of “Why Didn’t You Get a Haircut?” will make you listen to it at least four times in a row. Other standout moments on the record include the dance lesson on “The Adventures of Brian Townsend” (the passionate and “slowest” song on the record), “Tour de Friends” and the last track “It’s Gonna be Awesome,” where they borrow the chorus from R.E.M’s “It’s the End of the World and We Know It.”

Don’t Worry is really poppy and super-nerdy, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s complete and fun to listen to. What Atom and His Package started, Math the Band has expanded upon and has definitely upped the ante. This New England duo is sure to garnish more attention and respect with their constant touring and this solid release. (Slanty Shanty)
-Albert Opraseuth

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