July 17, 2009

Local show Boston Emissions carries on despite BCN's demise

Anngelle Wood

WBCN, a longtime leader in rock ‘n' roll music on the Boston airwaves, will sadly be no more come Aug. 13. This iconic rock station, which has been broadcasting for 42 years, has unfortunately fallen victim to CBS’ plan of changing the station to “The Sports Hub."

The good news is that Boston Emissions, the popular local music program, will live on as it moves to WZLX on Sundays, from 10 p.m. to midnight, starting in August. Boston Emissions has been serving the area for decades. Anngelle Wood will continue as host and plans to do podcasts via www.bostonbandcrush.com, but until then the show is on a short break.

CBS, the owner of WBCN, has decided to move Mix 98.5 to 104.1, with the sports station taking over 98.5. WBCN will live-on as a Web and HD-radio station. WBCN earned its fame starting in the 1960s, as it became the center of progressive rock. Over the years, the station has become known for its variety of on-air programs ranging from coverage of Patriot games to the likes of Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony. Rumor has it that BCN’s morning team of Toucher and Rich are scheduled to do The Sports Hub morning show once the changes take place in mid-August.

For more info about Boston Emissions, visit: www.bostonemissions.com or www.facebook.com/bostonemissions.

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  1. If the online format reverts to what was always the best part of WBCN: The coolest DJs, exciting new artists and material, indie rock taking chances, and all around better examples of good taste - then I am all for it and will support this online-only version!