July 23, 2009

CD's Received Today

Here's what we got in the office today:

Session Americana- Diving for Gold
Judgement Day- Out of the Abyss: Live on Tape
Gregg Rolie Band- Rain Dance Live
Circle of Fate- Back to Life
Eric Woolfson- The Alan Parsons That Never Was
Company Car-The English Eye EP
Fighting the Unicorn- Ego
The Oranges Band- Are Invisible
Lake- Let’s Build A Roof
The Frontier Needs Heroes- Self-titled
Trevor Hall-Self-titled
The Fear and Trembling-Octopus
Auditory Implant- This Time
Lowell Thompson & Crown Pilot-Self-titled
Paul Phillips- Every Time I Leave
Passafire- Everyone on Everynight
Wibby White- The Remix Project
Shawn Kellerman- Blues Without A Home
Lil’ Atlanta- It’z Me
Capone- Revenge is a Promise
Russian Circles- Genevea
Michael Tinholme- The House of Jazz
The Max Klau Band- Wisdom

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I glad you got our CD. Looks like a bunch of cool bands had the same idea. We (Company Car) practice at a studio in SF, and there is a stack of new Performer Mags at the door every month. Everyone loves it, you guys are doing a great job.