June 19, 2009

Knitting By Twilight
Evening Out of Town

Providence, RI
Recorded at In A White Room in East Providence, RI | Produced by John Orsi for It’s Twilight Time | Engineered and Mixed by Karen and John Orsi | Mastered by The Mastering Lab at Discmakers

Evening Out of Town marks the fourth album and first full-length in an ongoing series from works from the music and art collective Knitting By Twilight, featuring multi-instrumentalist, composer and mastermind John Orsi and guitarists Mike Marando, Karen Orsi, Manny Silva. Evening Out of Town is jazzy and folksy, it’s minimalistic and abundant, it’s psychedelic and monochrome, it’s as equally entrancing as it is off-putting. It’s an aural trip where every percussive move has been strategically placed, every part specifically arranged, and only Orsi knows the destination. The instrumentation utilized to create this masterwork is decidedly more imaginative than your common drum kit, including roto toms, glockenspiel, keyboards, chimes, snares and all manner of idiophones. Evening Out of Town shuffles between aerie psychedelic folk, classic progressive rock and experimental new age, taking the listener on an enigmatic spiritual journey that professes emotion without having to say a single word. Though each track is really a mood and movement that’s part of a greater work, some “moods” do stand out. “Jaunt to Dreamland” is one such number, and most likely the most accessible song on the CD. “Oblivion’s Poppied Slope” is probably the most eerie, a track that descends into the darkness of space with only the occasional chime to lead you into the light before pummeling you with what must be a incoming airplane. The final result is an album that should have been the soundtrack to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, one that’ll take some on a journey, while leading others nowhere. (It’s Twilight Time Records)

-Charley Lee

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