February 23, 2010

More records in the office today!

Felix Obelix – The Tick of the Clock, the Beat in the Chest
Baby Baby – Long Live the Swagmonsta
The Dig – Electric Toys
Blasfemea – Galaxia Tropicalia
The Shondes – My Dear One
Equaleyes – While I’m Alive
Hear Kitty Kitty – Tails from the Alley
Eryn Shewell – 4th & Broadway
Stereo Transmitted Disease – Generation Nothing
Beware! The Other Head of Science – Big American Godzilla Party
Valerie Janlois – No Drop of Love (Is Ever Wasted)
A Faulty Chromosome – Craving To Be Coddled so We Feel Fake-safe
This Moment in Black History – Public Square
Mama Lion – Gamble, Gamble, Die
Walter Jr – Standing on the Word
Linfinity – Martian’s Bloom
The Idaho Falls – The Spark
One High Five – Here, Hear!
Ashley Joelle Jordan – Simple Love
Kal Marks – Recovering After The Storm
Dirt Mall – Pacifuego
Mars – Embracing Imperfection

February 19, 2010

Look at All the Records We Got in the Office Today!

Big East: Condita

Tom Wise: In Love, At War

NeuHuman: NeHuman

Chris O’Brien: Little Red

Charlie Christos: Widow’s Gun

Ken Berman: Looking Forward

The Whole New Usuals: Every Whole New Usual Will Die

Nathan Leigh: Glitch EP

The Dirty Dishes: The Dirty Dishes

The Falcon Lords: Straight From the Center of their Volcano Air

Mattie McGrail: The Long Road of Doris Voxy

Quadron: Quadron

After Edmund: Spaceships and Submarines: The Lively Sessions

Jason and the Scorchers: Halcyon Times

Anomopoly: Anomopoly

Veil Veil Vanish: Change in the Neon Lights

Static People: Static People

Transient Songs: Cave Syndrome

Antioquia: My piano ate the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle

Hardly Art: Cracked Love & Other Drugs

Adrien and the Fine Print: Tennessee Swing

Thirty Second Pulse: Oil of the Whale

The One Smith: Just Because

February 12, 2010

Check out the stellar records we got in the office today!

Dave Ellis: drama per orgasm

Cobblestone Jazz: The Modern Deep Left Quartet

Christian Prommer: Drumlesson Zwei

Jeremy Haladyna: Selections from the Mayan Cycle

Denman Maroney: Music for Words, Perhaps

Chris Marsol: Butterflies, Lipstick, and Hand Grenades

Reagan Browne: Daydreams in Stereo

Fight the Quiet: Let Me In

Jen Olive: Warm Robot

Baylock: One Good to Be Told

Full Body Anchor: Full Body Anchor

The One Smith: The One Smith

K’Lonisky: Controversy

Naked on Rollerskates: Sugar

February 9, 2010

Check out what records we got in the office today

The Full-Time Dreamers – Too Loud at Any Volume

The Blessed Unrest – Ashes Time

The Ted Painter Band - Keepin’ It Real

Plants and Animals – La La Land

Monster Movie – Everyone is a Ghost

Marshan – The Jellyfish Will Succeed Where The Monkeys Have Failed

Modena – self-titled

Avi Buffalo – self-titled

April Smith and the Great Picture Show – Songs for a Sinking Ship

Jay Psaros – Tripping and Running

Animatronique – Stasis

Dosh – Tommy

Paul Dougherty – Grace Under Water

The Burning Hotels – Novels

Old Bricks – Farmers

Undo – self-titled

Andy Mason – Stories Told

Carrie Ferguson – Riding on the Back of the Wind

Die Among Heroes – self-titled

Confessions of a Corn Silo – Stretches of Concrete

MayFlys - A Life in a Day

Warning Light – Further On

Terminal Muse – Red

These New Puritans - Hidden

February 3, 2010

West Coast Shows

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Two excellent Performer Presents shows coming up this month for you West Coast fans!

Los Angeles @ Echo on February 12
Fitz & the Tantrums w/ Love Grenades

San Francisco @ Kimo's Penthouse Lounge on February 13
Paranoids w/ Tokyo Raid and Siddhartha

February 2, 2010

Check out what records we got in the office today

Sofia Rei Koutsovitis – Sube Azul
Dangermaker – self-titled
Stereo Freakout – If Wishes Were Fishes
Scraping for Change – Breaking the Silence EP
Mulatu Astatke – Mulatu Steps Ahead
Stygian – Fury Rising
Throwback Suburbia – self-titled
Michael Perry and the Long Beds – Tiny Pilot
Girlfriends – self-titled
Nite Nite – How To Touch the Moon
Ellis Paul – The Day After Everything Changed
Dana Wells – The Evergreen EP
Jay Matsueda – Eat Your Sad

February is Up

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